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Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional Letters, Logos & Graphics
 are great for some of the following installations. A permanent indoor wall letters to be placed behind your reception area or on a wall in your lobby, or outdoor building letters and graphics. Letters to be attached to a colored background material and then mounted to a wall or hung from the ceiling. Apply Velcro to the back of the letters you purchase and mount them on your tradeshow booth.

Our Foam Letters, Logos & Graphics are light weight and durable. Gatorfoam is constructed of a high density foam core with a hard smooth surface on the front and back. Gatorfoam Letters, Logos & Graphics are available in unpainted factory black and white or painted with a matte or gloss finish. Gatorfoam Letters, Logos & Graphics can also be painted with a gloss face and contrasting edge color. Gatorfoam Letters, Logos & Graphics can be created for interior wall lettering or exterior building letters.

Our metal Letters, Logos & Graphics gives your wall letters the elegance of polished or brushed anodized aluminum faces in a cost effective manner. Standard thickness ranges from ½" to 2" with greater depth available on special order. Edges can be painted to blend withface or in any standard or custom colors.

Plastics Letters, Logos & Graphics are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate. CAB, unlike oil based acrylics, is non-fading, 100% recyclable plastic providing greater impact resistance, weathe ability and more flexibility in recreating your designs with an
extended life.

Our Flat Cut Plastic Letters, Logos & Graphics for reception area wall lettering and any raised letter needs are a durable high gloss acrylic that comes in a variety of standard colors. Other colors are available by special order. Clear acrylic may be back painted any color adding a rich sense of depth. Mirror acrylic provides a highly reflective quality and is stocked in clear and bronze with additional colors available by special order.